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James Komolafe is a rare breed of competencies . He is the Registrar/CEO: Institute of Behavioral Alignment of Nigeria (IOBAN) and holds a doctorate degree in Behavioral Health (Lifestyle & Productivity) and Member of several professional bodies both on shore and off shore of Nigeria, West Africa and the rest part of the world.

He is a workforce efficiency coach, friend to startups, presenter, concept/content creator, James is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist from Florida (USA), a Fellow of the “Save Africa from Sudden Collapse Initiative” (SAFSCI 2020-2030) and a member on Behavioral Health Massachusetts GHP Academy. He is a Behavioral Health Expert at the School of Articulation and Behavioral Alignment Resources (The SABA Resources).

A behavioral platform adducing to family values 100%, issues affecting individuals, families and organizations in critical areas of definition, violation and deviation using professional procedures, assessments, critical interventions and platform speaking. James has created many behavioral work for COVID-19 Pandemic on national and international platforms.

He is superintendent over Team Strategy Network (TSN), a window for interventions and strategic development through conferences, platform speaking, summits, the media, personal and corporate Platforms. He is the National Director of Strategy, Civil Rights Anti-Corruption World Initiative (CRAWI), He is a former banker and the CEO, Jakomvee Consulting Limited (Training and Manpower Development Consultants) building competencies in the private and public sectors in strategy, value creation, concept development, branding, packaging and capacity development spanning over three decades.

Having worked in private and public sector, Dr. Komolafe’s critical Doctoral Research on Behavioral modification as a benchmark for societal change earned him a honour for remarkable contribution to strategic development. Dr. James Komolafe brings to the table fundamental approaches to critical issues across board to fixing structures and society as he packages to manage in order to avoid damage. He lives in Abuja, FCT of Nigeria, West Africa. Happily married to Veronica and blessed with Rosemary, Mark and Victor.


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